Who We Look For

For Handeul, hiring does not merely mean hiring someone who supplies labor and who gets paid in return. We hire those who provide value to the society and who grow through their work.

We value someone who prioritizes the universal values of honesty and trust, who enjoys challenge and innovation, who grows oneself through learning and experience, and who shares joy and sorrow with community members.

[Who We Look For]

Person who actively acts on and spreads the core values, whose core competence is superb, and who contributes significantly to organizational performance.

  • 1. Person with inherent core values

    1) Earns love and respect with honesty and trust.
    2) Creates new value through challenge and innovation.
    3) Grows through learning and experience.
    4) a pleasant place of life where members share joy and sorrow.

  • 2. Person with superb core competence

    1) Relationship (leadership) competence
    2) Thinking (innovation) competence

  • 3. Person who contributes significantly to organizational performance

    1) Goal of company vision
    2) Goal of Company strategy