Welfare and Benefits

  • 1. Scholarship for the children

    Scholarship is paid to the children (high school and university students) of the employees who worked for at least three months.

  • 2. Resort membership

    Bichaeum Training Center – Condo and training room are provided for free.
    Memberships for the condos such as Hanwha, Daemyung and Ilsung – available at the corporate rate.

  • 3. Refresh vacation program

    Opportunity to create beautiful memory with the family.
    Vacation bonus according to the vacation place and plan every 3rd, 5th, 10th and 20th year worked.

  • 4. Flexible benefit plan

    Diverse welfare benefit options are provided via Benepia Welfare Mall, operated by the SK Planet including tickets for concerts, and benefits for health/everyday life and self-development.
    Welfare points are provided, early each month by dividing into the 5th, 10th, 20th year and 20 years or more years worked.

  • 5. Family event

    Expenditure for congratulations and condolences and wreath are provided according to the contents of the family event.
    Gift money for happy events: Parents’ 60th birthday, own marriage, children’s marriage, marriage of the sibling
    Condolence money: Death of parent, grandparent, spouse and sibling

  • 6. Communication cost support

    cost of 50,000 Won or less is provided for work.

  • 7. Program for the use of collective annual vacations

    It is mandatory to collectively use vacations during New Year’s (1 day), Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving, 1 day) and summer vacation (3 days).
    Employees are to relax and to re-charge by using annual vacations.