Recruiting Inquiry

Hiring is carried out by each branch at each of the regions.

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Selection procedure

Handeul hires using the following process.

1. Application review

  • application is accepted by each branch.

  • Resume and self-introduction note are examined.
    It is advised to include the following in the self-introduction note. ‘Your view of work, success and failure. In case of experienced employee, performance and experience of the previous works’

  • We may request additional document, if any.

2. Interview

  • Interview invitation is communicated individually.

  • Interview is carried out individually.

  • Interview can be carried out more than once.

3. Presentation by the person on probation

  • Person on probation contacted individually.

4. Probation execution

  • Probation is one of the hiring processes. Hiring is confirmed when employees pass the probation phase.

  • Probation period lasts about four weeks

  • Employees draft weekly probation report during the probation period. Probation report entails organizing feelings and thoughts towards work during the week.

  • • Probation evaluation is carried out every week. When it is judged that an employee is not suitable with Handeul, probation may end any time even before probation period ends.
    When probation is stopped, one month worth of salary is paid. (However, if the probation period is terminated due to own voluntary will, salary is prorated according to the number of working days.)

  • Salary during the probation period is same as when hired officially.

5. Official hiring

  • Branch manager decides during probation whether to hire officially or not.

  • Handeul carries out ByeolHaHeo. ((ByeolHaHeo: Byeol (“nickname), Ha (“high-five”) and Heo (“hug”))
    Accordingly, employees decide on the nickname that can express them the best.

  • Hiring may be canceled if it is proven that the contents of the job application are false.


For information on hiring by each branch, call the respective branch, and we will answer your questions politely.
For other inquiries, please contact the following e-mail ( for cordial communication.