Daily supplies designing the interior space

Specialized brand for acrylic daily supplies

 Beauty utility box, Frame, Shelf, Case & showcase, Home decoration, Office decoration, Custom-made/subsidiary materials 

Tallboy utility box for lipsticks (Wood)

Oval type utility box for lipsticks that you can see the colors of them

2-story cosmetics utility box with a width of 300mm

Capped acrylic utility box for cosmetics with no possibility of piled up dusts

Acrylic table TC

Transparent acrylic table with a simple design

Oak speaker

Non-powered speaker of which the volume can be controlled without external power, perfect for my house and an interior piece of the shops!

Wooden shelf

Straight shelf with a modern design where you can feel the warmth of hardwood

Frame note A4

It is a frame note of which the front cover can be opened that makes it easy and simple to replace the notice materials inside!

Utility box for business cards

Tower-type utility box for business cards which takes a small space and makes it easy to classify the business cards

Collection box

Collection box with a small volume that can be easily assembled and disassembled without using adhesives

Acrylic shelf

Straight acrylic shelf for better use of space and interior effect

Wooden stand frame

It is a wooden stand frame that can be used as a luxurious menu holder, and you can display menu plate, new menu and recommended dishes!

2-story catalogue holder

2-story catalogue holder with which you can display brochures, leaflets and flyers in a smart way

Wooden plastic model case

Pla model case that makes the space looks luxurious as the classy hardwood and acrylic materials are well harmonizedy