Optimum surface protection film solution – POLIFILM

POLIFILM (Korean Distributor)

Optimum surface protection film solution

POLIFILM provides individual solutions optimized for each surface from more than 500 products.
With know-how accumulated for over 40 years, POLIFILM has a large assortment of products for almost any surface and requirement as one of the largest and most experienced suppliers in the world.

  • Type of Adhesives Natural Rubber, Solvent based acrylic, Water based acrylic, Co-extrusion, etc.

  • Special Properties Easy-Peel, UV resistance, Deep-drawing, Thermal laminate, Hot lamination, etc

Protection Films for Laser Cutting

  • Stainless Steel Sheet, Aluminum Sheet, Pre-painted metal Sheet, etc.

  • Fiber&CO2 Universal Laser Film or CO2 Laser Film

Protection Films for Stainless Steel

  • Kitchen Sink, Elevator, Kitchen Utensil, Container

Protection Films for Pre Painted Metals

  • Painted Sheet Metal, Aluminum Composite Panel, Sandwich Panel

Protection Films for Aluminum

  • Reflector, Profile, Solar Absorber, Decorative Trim

Protection Films for Plastic Sheets


Protection Films for Window Profile

  • PVC Profile, Aluminum Profile

Protection Films for Laminates

  • Melamine boards, PVC laminates, Coated MDF’s for 2D and 3D fabrication

Protection Films for Automotive

  • Transport protection, Carpeting, Interior Decoration


  • Glass, Carpet, etc