Foundation HANDEUL Scholarship

Foundation HANDEUL Scholarship

Thank you for your interest and love for HANDEUL scholarship.

HANDEUL scholarship was established with the approval of Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education in 2002, starting that the board president, Park Guijeon awarded a scholarship personally to the students who are underprivileged in 1985.

Starting with the capital KRW 300 million, it is KRW 520 million(fixed deposit) as of 2017. The scholarship is funded by the support fund of HANDEUL scholarship supporters association.

The scholarship is mainly awarded to high school students, and also college, graduate and overseas students who are specially selected.

The scholarship selection method is based on students who are underprivileged, students with excellent academic achievement and students with special talents by recommendation of the members of supporters. We selected the scholarship recipients carefully and award the scholarship with the approval of Office of Education.

The scholarship is provided approx. KRW 200 million in 2016 and will be provided approx. KRW 290 million in 2017.

HANDEUL Scholarship is fundraising by active participation and volunteer of the support members. We are trying best to help young talents who take responsibility for the future of Korea both materially and spiritually.

All services related to the operation of the scholarship are served for nothing.

Thank you.

June 2017
Park Guijeon
Chairman of (Foundation) HANDEUL Scholarship

Business results of HANDEUL Scholarship Foundation

We appreciate on your support to HANDEUL Scholarship Foundation.

We promise to make efforts to become a better scholarship by your donation, and inform you the scholarship payment details and donation deposit details as follows.

Details of scholarship payment

※during the last 5 years

(Unit: Won)

Year Colleage student High school student Overseas student Total amount
2012 75,321,201 62,400,000 137,721,201
2013 93,984,409 85,067,900 179,052,309
2014 92,482,244 64,400,000 156,882,244
2015 108,926,607 64,400,000 173,326,607
2016 163,532,137 63,200,000 226,732,137
2017 (Expected) 168,720,000 83,200,000 10,000,000 261,920,000

Details of donation deposit

※during the last 5 years

(Unit: Won)

Year Monthly regular donation Special donation Total amount Remarks
2012 82,762,500 81,354,000 164,116,500
2013 99,981,000 94,968,410 194,949,410
2014 125,742,000 75,803,250 201,545,250
2015 135,075,000 86,131,500 221,206,500
2016 143,230,000 151,076,000 294,306,000
2017 ? ? ?
Capital status
Fixed deposit(underlying assets) 520,000,000
Balance carried-over 50,973,438
Total 570,973,438

707 Hwangmaesanro Gahyeomyeon Hapcheongun Gyeongsangnamdo
HANDEUL Scholarship Foundation (T. +82-51-863-5900)
Chairman of the Supporters Association Son Jingi (T. +82-10-3591-3334)
Chairman of HANDEUL Scholarship Park Guijeon (T. +82-10-3863-5900)